Sunday, January 5, 2020

Which one we should develop more; our Brain or our Spirit?

Which one we should develop more; our Brain or our Spirit?

A divine Mine only can yield the gems of divine knowledge, and the fragrance of the mystic Flower can be inhaled only in the ideal Garden, and the lilies of ancient wisdom can blossom nowhere except in the city of a stainless heart. – Baha’u’llahThe Book of Certitude, p. 191.

Baha’is believe that we all need to nurture our spiritual selves just as much as our physical and social selves. As we find ways to better our ability to be generous, just, honest, kind, and loving to one another, we brighten our spirits. As we grow spiritually, we learn to better trust and listen to people of different backgrounds. We also get better at searching for collective truth together, and find more effective solutions to social issues. Through this kind of growth, we gain knowledge that leads to action. 

… the spirit of man is essential and therefore eternal. It is a divine bounty. It is the effulgence of the Sun of Reality and therefore of greater importance than the physical body. – Abdu’l-BahaThe Promulgation of Universal Peace, p. 60.
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