Sunday, September 11, 2016

Baha'i Marriage and Family Life

Elements of "Marriage and Family Life" as an important aspect of a coherent life:
- Daily prayers as a family and reading the Writings
- Learning how to give adequate attention to both our family and our community
- Learning to contribute to the spiritual and material development of our community
- Developing a habit of Consultation and Problem Solving
- Developing a habit of Consultation, Planning, and Advancing each other career

We were fortunate raising our children in a number of strong communities. Our children benefited from service activities and built strong capacity of serving others....

"As soon as a Baha'i family unit emerges, 
the members should feel responsible for making the collective life of the family a spiritual reality, animated by divine love and inspired by the ennobling principles of the Faith. 
To achieve this purpose, 
the reading of the Sacred Writings and prayers should ideally become a daily family activity. 
As far as the teaching work is concerned, 
just as individuals are called upon to adopt teaching goals, 
the family itself could adopt its own goals. 
In this way the friends could make of their families, strong healthy units, 
bright candles for the diffusion of the light of the Kingdom, 
and powerful centres to attract the heavenly confirmations." 
Universal House of Justice: Lights of Guidance