Monday, June 7, 2010

المدوَّناتِ البهائيةِ

استمرَّت معركةُ البهائيينَ حتى لحظةِ كتابةِ هذهِ السطورِ ، ومازالت مستمرةً ، الحكومةُ تُصدِرُ حكمًا بمنحهم أوراقًا شخصيةً ،" الداخليةُ تطعنُ ، يتمُّ إبطالُ الحُكمِ ، ثمَّ العودة ثانيةً إلى مرحلةِ الصِّفر.
حتى رضخت الداخلية أخيرا لحكم القضاء وتم البدء ف تدوين (-) في خانة الديانة للبهائيين."
الشبكة العربية لمعلومات حقوق الإنسان

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Prisoners in Iran

"Here’s an experiment for the reader: on a concrete driveway or parking lot, mark off an area of 3-by-4 meters (9 feet 10 inches by 13 feet) and/or 2-by-3 meters (6 feet 6 inches by 9 feet 10 inches). Cover, if you want, with a thin indoor/outdoor carpet. Now place yourself and four friends in the larger rectangle, and two people in the smaller one. You have no bedding, beds or pillows, just two thin blankets each. Now, stay in your space for two years. Toilet facilities are down a hall, when your guards permit you to use them.

Yes, guards. You are now representing the five men and two women who had served as an informal group attending to the spiritual and social needs of the several hundred thousand members of the Baha’i Faith in Iran. Last Friday, May 14, began their third year in Evin Prison in Teheran.........................................Please, pray for justice for these prisoners of conscience and victims of prejudice"