Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour is Today Mar 27th

On March 27 at 8:30 pm, hundreds of millions of people around the world will turn off their lights for an hour to demand action on climate change. But that's just the beginning. Every hour, People are taking small steps to lessen their impact on the environment. From hanging your clothes to dry to taking transit to work, those small steps add up to huge changes for the better. Get inspired by others who are living Earth Hour every hour, and tell us your story.

We turned off all house lights and spent the evening sitting around candles making plans and commitment to save the will walk to school, sleep early and walk up early, buy from local farm, drive once a week for shopping....etc

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Feminist Movement in Iran - By Tahira

" The feminist movement spread to other parts of the Middle East. Iran was certainly not left out. In the 19th century, Tahira, popularly known as Qurratul-Ayn, which means coolness or consolation of the eyes, or Zarrin Taj, which signifies Golden Crown, became one of the leaders of the Babi religious movement in Iran which was started by Muhammad Ali - Bab in the mid-nineteenth century.

She was born in 1820 and after being imprisoned, was put to death in August 1852 when she was thirty two years old. She was the first Iranian woman to throw off the veil and put on European dress and addressed large gatherings of men in public meetings. Western writers have praised her a great deal, although in Iran she is considered to be a devilish woman who corrupted the morals of Iranian women and confused their religious beliefs by preaching the Bahai faith. Also Martha L. Root in her book, Tahira, the Pure, Iran's Greatest Woman, says about her.

"Viewed in this light, one can understand her chaste spirit, her matchless courage, not only in the danger to her life but in her being the first woman in the Eastern Muslim World to dare to lay aside the veil even in brief movement, and in being courageous enough to go to the Badasht conference to consult with the group of men followers of the Bab.

The feminist movement in Iran, therefore started with the Bahai movement. The principles enunciated by the Bab were and are favourable to women. Later on, Sadigeh Katnum Daulatabade and Khanum azamodeh, whose names are closely associated with female education in Iran, became the pioneers in this field. The work of these two enthusiastic women was welcomed everywhere in the country and education of girls became a common phenomenon.......

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Arts, Crafts and Sciences

"Arts, Crafts and Sciences
uplift the world of being,
and are conducive to
its exaltation"

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy New Year Mar 21.... كل عام وأنتم بخير ونيروز سعيد

Here is a message of greetings for Naw-Ruz from the Mayor of a city in Ireland:
"....The Bahá'í community locally are a good example to many of us how to live
our lives and I would encourage members to continue with the good work you
are doing to promote family life and strong moral values. I fully support
the work, you do to promote good relations, a better environment for us all
and cultural diversity and hope that your positive outlook and commitment to
a better future for all of us will continue.

I would like to extend my heartfelt best wishes to the entire Bahá'ís faith
in Derry and the North West at this important occasion and wish you all a
very peaceful and happy Naw-Ruz."

Saturday, March 13, 2010

لا تضيع وقتك الثمين في الثرثرة

في اليونان القديمة (399-469 ق.م)اشتهر سقراط بحكمته البالغة

في أحد الأيام صادف الفيلسوف العظيم أحد معارفه الذي جرى له وقال له بتلهف:"سقراط،أتعلم ما سمعت عن أحد طلابك؟"

انتظر لحظة" رد عليه سقراط"قبل أن تخبرني أود منك أن تجتاز امتحان صغير يدعى امتحان الفلتر الثلاثي"

هذا صحيح" تابع سقراط:"قبل أن تخبرني عن طالبي لنأخذ لحظة لنفلتر ما كنت ستقوله. الفلتر الأول هو الصدق،هل أنت متأكد أن ما ستخبرني به صحيح؟"
لا" رد الرجل،"في الواقع لقد سمعت الخبر و..."
حسنا"قال سقراط،"إذا أنت لست أكيد أن ما ستخبرني صحيح أو خطأ. لنجرب الفلتر الثاني، فلتر الطيبة.هل ما ستخبرني به عن طالبي شيء طيب؟"
لا،على العكس..."
حسنا"تابع سقراط"إذا ستخبرني شيء سيء عن طالبي على الرغم من أنك غير متأكد من أنه صحيح؟"
بدأ الرجل بالشعور بالإحراج. تابع سقراط:"ما زال بإمكانك أن تنجح بالإمتحان،فهناك فلتر ثالث - فلتر الفائدة. هل ما ستخبرني به عن طالبي سيفيدني؟"
في الواقع لا."
إذا" تابع سقراط" إذا كنت ستخبرني بشيء ليس بصحيح ولا بطيب ولا ذي فائدة أو قيمة، لماذا تخبرني به من الأصل؟"

Friday, March 12, 2010

Beautiful Poem for the Fast

The Fast

O My loving companions on the path
Think ye that the fast is a burden?
Even should you waste into nothingness,
This would be a joy beyond compare.
For those that enjoy this mystic meal,
The True Fast begins at sunset.

If it be that thy stomach groans
And thy tongue is a desert,
Eat and drink thoughts of thy Beloved
Whose sweet fresh water cleanses
And heavenly food strengthens.

And as thy body empties itself, so too
Empty the cup of the heart of self and passion.
And in thy growing weakness
Feel thy humility before God and thy fellows.
And as the dreary hours pass along,
Think of what store of patience
Ye may gather for the coming year.

And as thy body begins to lighten,
Let thy soul float like a kite
In the breezes of the spirit
Though still attached to the form
Which is fulfilling its daily duties.

And when you desire something,
Think of the One Desired,
Who has created all of what thou hast ever desired.
And as your hunger grows,
Think of those less fortunate souls
Who cannot replenish their flesh
During the sleeping of the sun.

And when you break bread,
Think of thy fellow Baha'is all around the world
In unity with your actions.

Stephen Newbegin,
first published in the California Regional Newsletter,
June 1975

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Baha'is Fast from Mar 2nd till Mar 20th

Fasting and obligatory prayer are as two wings to man's life. Blessed be the one who soareth with their aid in the heaven of the love of God, the Lord of all worlds. [Baha'u'llah]

Fasting is the cause of the elevation of one's spiritual station.[Abdu'l-Baha]

The fasting period, which lasts nineteen days starting as a rule from the second of March every year and ending on the twentieth of the same month, involves complete abstention from food and drink from sunrise till sunset. It is essentially a period of meditation and prayer, of spiritual recuperation, during which the believer must strive to make the necessary readjustments in his inner life, and to refresh and reinvigorate the spiritual forces latent in his soul. Its significance and purpose are, therefore, fundamentally spiritual in character. Fasting is symbolic, and a reminder of abstinence from selfish and carnal desires. [Letter of behalf of Shoghi Effendi]