Friday, October 14, 2016

Opening of the Baha'i Chile Temple

“Santiago will be different from now on because of this beautiful temple that has been given to usIt doesn’t matter what religion we belong to, what creed we profess, our cities are full of the thirst for silence and to transcend.”  

This role the House of Worship has as a “transcendental space that looks for unity and respect for all religious backgrounds” was emphasised by the representative of the President of Chile, Minister Secretary General Nicolás Eyzaguirre.

“It is a Temple which makes our landscape a more beautiful one,” he added. “It will become an icon and it will remind us how important it is to find the unity between the city and nature.”

The Temple is located in Peñalolen, a commune whose name in the local language means “reunion of brothers.” As the site for the final continental Baha’i House of Worship, there could be no better name, and no better location. 

“Today we see the beauty of its creation, together with all the divine and human forces that have made it possible,” Mr. Orrego said. 

The governor of the Peñalolen commune, Claudio Orrego, addressed the audience in moving terms. Echoing the Minister’s remarks, he explained that the Temple was seen as a “huge gift” to the citizens of Chile and beyond. 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Egypt 2052

Let us plan for Eygpt in 2052!!

Could we all come together and consult on how to build a Vision for Egypt's future, Egypt 2052?
Let us write our future! Do you Agree?

Important key aspects of our life are; Religion, Economics, Education, Culture, Social,....

  • We all belong to Egypt where we born, lived or connected. Concept of Oneness 

  • The role of women in developing the country; gender equality at home, school, work and social life.

  • Education and quality of life:

                          - What a school in 2052 will look like?
                          - Collaboration not competition
                          - Harmony between science and religion 
                          - Role of Sports and Arts in the children's life
                          - Volunteer hours in serving the local community
  • Human Rights of ALL citizens
                        - Tolerance at school, at work and at social life

  • Economics; 
                        - Ensure that prosperity is shared across the population
                         - Agriculture and healthy food
                        - Reduction in the gap between extreme wealth and poverty
                        - Fair system of taxes
  • Culture: 
                          - Beautifying the Language
                          - Arts and Literature
                          - Media and searching for truth and reporting facts
                          - Moderation in fashion and clothes

  • Youth and involvement in society:
                      - As a key player

Food for thoughts for now.....