Sunday, October 9, 2016

Egypt 2052

Let us plan for Eygpt in 2052!!

Could we all come together and consult on how to build a Vision for Egypt's future, Egypt 2052?
Let us write our future! Do you Agree?

Important key aspects of our life are; Religion, Economics, Education, Culture, Social,....

  • We all belong to Egypt where we born, lived or connected. Concept of Oneness 

  • The role of women in developing the country; gender equality at home, school, work and social life.

  • Education and quality of life:

                          - What a school in 2052 will look like?
                          - Collaboration not competition
                          - Harmony between science and religion 
                          - Role of Sports and Arts in the children's life
                          - Volunteer hours in serving the local community
  • Human Rights of ALL citizens
                        - Tolerance at school, at work and at social life

  • Economics; 
                        - Ensure that prosperity is shared across the population
                         - Agriculture and healthy food
                        - Reduction in the gap between extreme wealth and poverty
                        - Fair system of taxes
  • Culture: 
                          - Beautifying the Language
                          - Arts and Literature
                          - Media and searching for truth and reporting facts
                          - Moderation in fashion and clothes

  • Youth and involvement in society:
                      - As a key player

Food for thoughts for now.....

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